People You Won’t Believe Exist

The world is indeed full of many wonders ranging from beauty and unique physical appearances of people. Some people possess natural traits that can not be humanly explained. While others are born that way, some are self-made.


Here is a list of people you will hardly believe actually exist.


1. Magnet Man

This guy’s body has strong magnetic forces running through his body. He can attract metallic objects even without being literally placed on him. Imagine being with him at a dinner party? You may want to keep all metallic spoons, forks and plates away, right? Apparently the magnetic field in his body is connected to his thick skin. He has a remarkably thick skin.


2. Nice Lashes

This guy is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest lashes in the world. Definitely he is not in need of the artificial eye lashes that are now in the market. He can actually see you through the lashes with eyes opened without you noticing him.


3. Foot-side Down

This lady was born like this with the foot-side being down. She has beautiful children who are very normal with no physical deformation. She is also proud of herself.

4. Fang Teeth

Maria Jose Cristerna was born a normal beautiful girl before she resolved at changing her physical appearance. She completely became a stranger to her friends and family after changing her looks with weird procedures and tattoos. Her most significant change was her fanged-teeth.


5. Human Eye Pop

Kim Goodman is also in the records for the largest eye pop-up. According to her confession, it is actually funny how she became a record maker. It was during a drinking game where her friend was competing. On seeing her friend finishing dozens of bottles of beer, Kim actually got shocked, popping her eyes out. She can pop her eyes outwards at around 0.5 inches out of their sockets.

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6. 0% Body Fat

Tom Staniford suffered a rare condition called Myelodysplastic Preleukemic (MDP) syndrome. This is a condition whereby the body is unable to store any fats, leading to anorexic looks. Despite being among the eight people with this condition worldwide, Tom is living a normal life after some visits to the doctor with the help of his family and friends. He is currently a professional cyclist from London.


7. The Woman With Huge Legs

At 1 meter in circumference, Mandy Sellars legs alone weighs 95 kg. She was diagnosed with proteus syndrome. This is a condition characterized by big lumps forming on the skin, thickening and deformation of bones. It is also a rare condition and is believed to be only with 120 people globally.


8. Longest Nails On A Female

Christine Walton is also in the Guinness Book of World Records for the female with the longest nails. Her nails are at 11 feet long. Can you imagine her while eating or doing her routine chores? Maybe she has people to do that for her?


9. Corset Training

This German lady’s target is to become the person with the smallest waist in the world. She engages in vigorous exercises and very keen on her diet.

10. Widest Mouth Known To Man

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