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2023: Payoneer security Beware! Payoneer is not legitimate and is a scam.

Payoneer is a sizable fraud!!!

Hello and welcome to my website for this guide. I’m here to let you know that Payoneer is a scam and that you should stay away from it.
To save time and resources, I won’t even attempt to describe who they are or what they do.
I’m here to share a brief narrative about my experience with Payoneer after this business almost killed me with their fraudulent act.

Is Payoneer reputable and safe?

The answer is without a doubt no.
Many websites that claim to be legitimate, including some that even go above and beyond to explain things thoroughly, can be found online.
Please be aware that all of the websites and people providing those reviews are receiving payment for doing so.
To persuade you guys to use Payoneer is their job.
They aren’t writing those reviews based on their own personal experiences, so if you don’t exercise caution, you could become a victim like I did.
On, we don’t provide positive reviews for swindlers like Payoneer; instead, we advise our readers to avoid the company rather than risk being conned.
It’s risky to use Payoneer.

Read a brief account of my Payoneer encounter.

Because SEO blogging isn’t that simple and the majority of my traffic was coming from Facebook, I started blogging with one of my websites, a news website.
Reaching the minimum threshold was like walking on my bare feet from England to Spain because I was using Adsense and the revenue was so low.
Sadly, I was only accepted into the Access now program despite my best efforts and fervent prayers to become ezoic.
This is because I was forced to join because there wasn’t much traffic at that time.

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I put a lot of effort into reaching the lowest minimum threshold of $20 before deciding to use Payoneer as a payment method.
I continued to read reviews to learn more about Payoneer, and while the majority of them praised the service, a sizable minority claimed that it was a fraud.
They did exceptionally well with their posts and reviews and persuaded me because of how well those guys had been compensated by Payoneer to provide them with positive reviews.
I quickly searched on YouTube and found a video that helped me fully set up my Payoneer account and link my bank account.

I continued out of respect for decency to read their policies to prevent any violations.
I decided to use Payoneer safely at this point, so I went ahead and chose it as a payment option on ezoic. I then waited for ezoic to pay me and, of course, my first ad revenue.
Prior to that, though, I had already connected my bank account to Payoneer, and they accepted all the identification cards and other documents I offered.
After the payment period expired, ezoic actually paid me.
I had to pay for my exam at the time, and the money from the advertisement was my only option.


Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.I received an email from Payoneer after submitting the necessary paperwork.
Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.They claimed to have rejected the payment but never actually returned it.
Is Payoneer Safe? Beware! Payoneer Is A Scam And Not Legit.My account was closed without giving me a reason.

Is Payoneer a good choice?

Using Payoneer is not recommended because they will steal your money and ban you for no discernible reason.
Avoid becoming a victim of this dishonest business.
A scam is Payoneer.

All of the positive comments you read on other blogs and popular websites like Quora and Trustpilot are influenced.
Your money is important, so don’t let them fool you.
Spend money, not money to con artists.


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