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4 Things Women Always Want From Men

Women want a lot of things, and that’s okay. It’s pretty normal. We all want different things in our romantic relationships. Some women are looking for the perfect partner, while others are just looking for someone who will be around long enough to help them complete an entire season of Game of Thrones without getting bored or distracted. But no matter what you’re looking for in a partner—or what type of woman you hope to find one day—there are four essential qualities every man should possess if he wants his relationship with her to last:

1. They want a man to treat them with respect and affection.

Women are not objects to be used. They are human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and affection. Women are not trophies to be won. Women do not exist for the sole purpose of providing sexual gratification and emotional support to men, nor should they ever feel as though they must provide these things for a relationship with a man to work out in her favor.

If you’re looking for someone who will love you unconditionally, then it is crucial that your partner show signs that she cares about what you have to say and how the two of you interact on a personal level, even if it isn’t always easy or convenient for her.

2. They want a man who is loyal and keeps his promises.

Women want a man who is loyal and keeps his promises.

Women will never know if you are going to stand by them if you don’t follow through on your commitments.

This includes things like:

  • Being committed to the relationship. If she needs you, then be there for her when she needs you most. It’s not always easy to do so, but it is important nonetheless. This means that if she tells you something in confidence and asks that it be kept between the two of you, then keep it between the two of you until she feels comfortable sharing it with others (if at all).
  • Keeping promises made during an argument or disagreement is another way of showing her that she can trust and count on what comes out of her mouth because what both parties say carries weight in any given situation—especially when emotions are running high!
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3. They want a confident, capable man.

A confident man is less likely to be intimidated by challenges. A confident man is more likely to be successful in his career and therefore able to support a family. A confident man is more likely to be a good leader, which means he will lead by example and teach his children important values. Finally, as any woman will tell you, confidence makes for an attractive man who can easily attract women as well.

4. Women like men who are loyal

Men can be the kind of guys women have always dreamed of by being respectful, loyal, confident, and present in their relationships. These are four qualities that any woman would want to see in her partner. Men should respect their partners and treat them like they matter.

They should be loyal to the women they love because it makes them feel safe and secure. Men should also be confident enough in themselves so that they can help their partners grow as well as stand by them when things get tough. Lastly, if a man is always there for his partner when she needs him, then he will show how much he cares about what’s going on in her life – even if he doesn’t always agree with her decisions.


Every woman wants a man who is respectful, loyal, confident, and present. It’s not easy for men to be these things, but it’s not impossible either. If you want to be the kind of guy that women have always dreamed of dating and falling in love with, then start by being respectful towards her needs and desires instead of trying to control them all the time.

You should also be loyal enough so that she feels safe relying on your word when she needs help or comfort from others around her as well (such as family members). Being confident means having good self-esteem so that even when times get tough at work or school—or even if they don’t!—they’ll still feel like there’s nothing wrong with themselves because they’re perfect just as they are now.”

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