6 Thing You Should Never Eat If You Want To Live To 100

If you wish to live a long life, you should avoid the following foods:

1. French Fries

Fried foods are connected to heart disease and type 2 diabetes, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Other research has discovered that eating fried foods regularly can shorten one’s life. Fried foods have more fat than non-fried foods, and if you eat fried foods regularly, you will consume more fats, which can be harmful to your health.

2. Sugars in the food

Diabetes and high blood pressure can be caused by eating meals that are high in added sugars. These variables may have an impact on your potential to live a long life. Fruits, for example, contain natural sugars that are good for your health.

3. Strawberries that are not organic


Pesticide contamination is highest in strawberries. Pesticides in our diet might affect our hormones, according to Soans. This is especially dangerous for women who may experience hormonal imbalance or thyroid disorders as a result. The foods on the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list are:

4. Eating heavily processed foods

Processed meals often have excessive sodium and fat content to attract customers and make them tastier. Other life-shortening disorders, such as hypertension, may be triggered by the substances used. According to the Mayo Clinic, the saturated fats used in the preparation of these foods thicken the walls of your blood vessels, resulting in high blood pressure.

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5. Stop self-medicating with alcohol or drugs to cope with problems.

Abusing alcohol and drugs can have a variety of negative consequences for your health. Your physical health will deteriorate, your mental health will deteriorate, and your emotional health will only bring you more pain. You must find a new approach to deal with your life’s obstacles and difficulties.

6. Red meat

Eating too much red meat, according to the World Health Organization, is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and colon cancer, both of which can lead to death. If they’re processed into sausages, hot dogs, or canned meats, the hazards could be magnified. Fermentation and salting are always included in the preparation of those commodities, posing additional risks.

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