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7 Mistakes To Avoid When Charging Your Phone

Let’s face it, a lot of us are so dependent on our phones that we find it difficult to imagine life without them. But because we all want our smartphones to have long-lasting batteries, we must change some habits. We all have different phone habits that have an impact on the battery life of our devices.

You may increase the average 7 to 8-hour battery life of your smartphone by using the following strategies.

1. Charge 80% always:

80% of your phone’s battery will last you the entire day, depending on how much you use it. Your battery may overheat if you overcharge it by more than 80%, shortening its lifespan.

2. Prevent continuous charging

Avoid continuously plugging your phone in to charge it; at the very least, wait until the battery is down to 20% before doing so. Studies show that unauthorized and frequent recharges reduce battery life.

3. Use the original charger to charge your smartphone.

We occasionally switch out the original charger for our phone with a replica due to forgetfulness, carelessness, or a hectic schedule, and this behavior affects battery life. Verify the output voltage (V) and current before using a new charger (Ampere).

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4. Keep fast chargers away.

While it’s understandable that everyone wants their phones to charge as soon as possible, fast chargers aren’t always the best choice for the overall health of your battery. Fast chargers use higher voltage, which overheats your battery and causes it to degrade over time.

5. Avoid leaving your phone plugged in while sleeping.

Your phone’s battery life will be shortened and it will overheat if you leave it plugged in over night.

6. Apps for external batteries.

While many third-party battery apps for Android devices make claims about extending battery life, the reality is that they merely put the device under more stress, causing it to consume more power.

7. While charging, turn your phone over.

Flip your phone over while it is charging because phones grow warm during charging and wearing a protective case might delay heat dissipation.

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