Here are the seven tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy. If carefully followed, it will improve the lifespan of your smartphone battery.

Every battery has an expiration date. The same is true for smartphone batteries. However, how you use your smartphone has a significant impact on the battery life of your device.

Charging habits as well as the chargers you use, play an important role. There are some habits you should avoid if you want your phone’s battery to last longer.

Here are seven tips to keep your smartphone battery healthy;

1. Avoid overnight charging

Most people charge their phones overnight to enable them to charge fully due to the country’s constant power outage, but this is gradually causing significant damage to your phones. This is because charging over the night causes your battery to be overcharged, which is bad for its health.

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2. Avoid using smartphone while it is connected to power bank

When your smartphone is connected to the power bank, avoid using it. Using the device in this mode increases the internal temperatures and reduces battery life.

3. Avoid chargers from unknown manufacturers

There are specific chargers for different phones. Your phone’s manufacturer specifically created a special charger for your phone. They created it to match your phone’s properties and capacity.

Using someone’s charger can be detrimental to your battery performance. Most times it slows down the charging and affects the battery.

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In case your original charger gets damaged, make sure you consult trusted phone technicians or visit the manufacturer’s outlets around you to get an original charger.

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4. Avoid using phone while charging

This cannot be overemphasized. There have been consistent warnings against using our phones or even receiving calls while they are charging.

Pressing our phones while charging reduces their battery performance. This is because a lot of applications will be working in the background, and this will slow down the charging.

5. Avoid charging constantly

Charging your phone all the time terminates the life of your battery gradually. It is advisable that you charge your phone when it is at 15% or 20%. Recharging it consistently and unnecessarily will shorten its lifespan.

6. Reduce apps running in the background

A lot of apps drain your phone’s battery secretly. Using third party apps is detrimental to your battery performance. These apps run constantly in your background and allow unnecessary advertisements that might break down your phone’s security walls.

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7. Reduce your brightness

But screen brightness is a major drain on your phone battery aside from the fact that it affects your eyes. If you need to conserve battery power, turning it to its lowest-but-still-readable

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