A boyfriend who does nothing for you on your birthday doesn’t love you – Lady

A lady’s Twitter post about how males should show their feelings in a relationship has sparked a heated online discussion.

According to @RemelRossco on Twitter, women who are in relationships with guys who don’t remember their birthdays are doing themselves a disservice and should end the relationship.

She said that a lack of birthday celebrations and gifts for her girlfriend by her boyfriend was evidence of his lack of appreciation and love for her.

She wrote: “If you’re dating a guy and he does nothing for your birthday, he’s not that into you’

Some online users rallied to her cause, while others fiercely condemned her beliefs after reading her remark.

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Lady argues

See how some Twitter folks reacted to her commentary below;

@ameelya88; The same applies. He knows you’re gonna be seeing vids & pics of other couples enjoying and he’s purposely making you miss out on that too? Cruel.

@tarrynlondon; I once dated a guy who (on our 4th year together) didn’t know the reason we were going out for dinner until I told him it was my birthday that day 💀

@Quivver119; The men in the comments… this is why yall the most single and lonely demographic

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