A new lead pops.

Chapter Twenty-five

“I definitely wouldn’t like to be in their shoes.” Old Guy said.
Everyone chuckled.

Chris appeared then, with a lot of papers in his hands.

“A factory used to sit where the library is today.  I ain’t really sure what factory it was, but this aerial image shows what the place looked like, before the library was built.” He said. ” Below the factory was a supply tunnel. Big enough for trucks to use but it was a secret tunnel. Since it is an underground tunnel,I doubt it has been demolished. “

“So, you’re trying to say the tunnel is our way of going in?” Smoke asked.
“Of course.” Chris replied. “But I’m quite sure the hostage takers know about the tunnel. That must be their escape means. And they’re pretty confident about it because according to the records, the tunnel was destroyed.”

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“The army wouldn’t even think of looking since it already states in the books that the tunnel no longer exists.” Angel said.” This was a very neat plan.”

“Hostages have been released.  Four.” Alicia prompted Angel. “They’re being questioned.”
“Play it out, so we all hear.” Angel told her.
“It was like there was a carpenter next door. We always heard the sound sounds .And when we were in the library, they covered our eyes.  And made us walk a  while. Close to ten minutes. We were well fed though.”

“They might be chipping away at the concrete floor. Trying to find a way out. That should explain the sound of constant hammering.” A male adult voice said.

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“There was once, we caught the smell of blood. I’m sure it’s from the room where the big kids were kept. One of them might be hurt.”
“Blood? By big kids do you mean children of prominent people? And here we were thinking he doesn’t hurt kids.”

“Hammering sounds? They might have other plans. That tunnel might not be their only plan.” Vee said.
“It might be intentional. A way to throw everyone off balance. Why else would they release hostages anyway, knowing full well that their plan could be blown?” Angel asked.

“Let’s focus on what we have for now.” Chris said.


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