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Activate These 3 Settings On Your Phone And Say Goodbye To Weak Battery Issues

Most Smartphones today have a battery range between 2000mAh to 3500mAh, and only a few brands like Tecno and Itel opt for higher battery Capacity up to 5000mAh, With this being said most people end up experiencing quick battery drains because they have activated certain device functionalities which is exhausting and draining their batteries without their knowledge.

These are the things you need to do now if you want to have a better battery life:

1. Checking Your Device Location Status Is The First Trick:

Most people have their device Location turned on 24/7, but what they don’ t know is that that is one of the things that is Killing their battery life, having your device Location turned on always puts a lot of pressure on the battery hence might cause it to overheat especially for phones with metallic bodies like HTC OneA9. Make sure your device Location status is always turned off when not in use, in order to turn it off, swipe down your notification bar and you can turn off your device notification from there

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2. Turn Off Auto Sync:

Most people have been wondering why their device heats up and Battery Drains quickly, but they fail to notice the solution is right in front of them.

Open device settings, locate Account And Sync, and you will realize that your mobile is set to Auto Sync, switch it off and you will see a massive improvement in battery life.

3. Disable Apps Running At Background When Not In Use:

If you are like me who has over 40 active apps running on my phone, then the is no need to be wondering why your battery is draining quickly, kindly download any App freezer from the Google play stores like Greenify, App Freezer, or any App which will help you stop all those apps from running at background when not in use. This works like magic and you would surely testify.

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