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Arsenal Can Win The Premier League Title – Owen

Former Liverpool and Manchester United striker, Michael Owen, has suggested that Arsenal are one of the biggest challengers for the Premier League title this season.

Owen said this after Arsenal defeated Liverpool 3-2 in a Premier League tie on Sunday.

According to him, he cannot believe that Arsenal will be on top of the Premier League table after nine matches, adding that their current form is not a fluke.

Arsenal are currently on top of the Premier League table with a point ahead of Manchester City after beating Liverpool over the weekend.

“I never thought I would say this, but yes, I do. The way they are. There is no fluke about it, at the moment. They have got very, very good players. They are playing in a very good way. Confidence throughout the team and confidence at the club,” Owen told Premier League Productions.

“Some of the main protagonists are struggling, at the moment. So, yes, I do think they could be the biggest challengers [for the Premier League title]. I never thought I would say that. I can’t believe it.”

He added, “There is no question Arsenal deserved to win [against Liverpool]. I thought they played really well. Lots of energy. There is a great vibe throughout the stadium. Liverpool contributed; they didn’t play badly at all.

“But what I think you are seeing, which is what we expected actually before the game. And that Liverpool have dropped 5-10% on last season and Arsenal have picked things up on about 20% from last season. The tide is turning slightly. I thought Arsenal deserved it.”

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