As a human beings, this is a very serious issue everywhere and only a few people can accept such..

Some can:- While some people can overlook it and go ahead with the Relationship, some people can’t stand it.

Some can’t:- Once some people know their friend has dated or even had S*x with a particular lady or guy, they can’t dare have anything serious with such a person…

I can have sex but can’t marry who my Friend has had s*x with..

Normal normal, I can have s*x with someone my Friend has had s*x with before but we can never have anything serious let alone get married to such a person.

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The mere thought of the imagination wan kill me as I write this Article. Even if I manage to go into a relationship with such a person, any time I remember my friend has had something with my Partner – I can get irritated and get angry immediately and that can ruin my whole day.

If you wan come to kill me, let my Partner and that my Friend just dey together, I go wan die even if am there… I can’t allow such.

Well, here is our question for you all

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