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The square footage of your dwelling is no guarantee of happiness; instead, focus on what makes you happy, rather than on what could impress or please others.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to make some cute little homes for a small investment of time and materials. Let’s ask ourselves: what’s the point of constructing a seven-bedroom home if you plan to spend most of your time there alone? So why not shape that which satisfies your needs?

Five images of cute small homes

Image 1

The Second Image

Three Pictures

Shot no. 4

Five of a Kind Image

Some will even tell you that they build extra rooms so they can easily accommodate guests. Let’s keep in mind that visitors to your home may only be there for a short while, and that they won’t be there forever.

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Are you sure you need such a large home after viewing the aforementioned pictures? Why? Let me show you a few more photographs that can convince you to build a tiny cute house.

5 more pictures of cute dwellings

Snapshot No. 6

Seventh Illustration

8th photo

Nineteenth Illustration

Tenth Illustration

Your thoughts on these residences? How many of the ten dwellings do you think you could actually build? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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