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Beyonce’s sister, Solange didn’t congratulate her on her Grammy win; alleged beef between sisters

There has been an alleged disclosure that there is a rift between the two sisters; Beyonce and Solange as the latter did not congratulate her sister on her Grammy win.

Media Take Out has disclosed that a conversation with a top entertainment insider disclosed that there is growing tension in industry circles – that Beyonce and her sister Solange had a pretty serious falling out.

Beyonce is well known for being a family person. She loves her family so much and is very close to her sister Solange. However, a lot of people in the entertainment industry have noticed that Solange has been uncharacteristically absent from Bey’s side recently.

Media Take Out disclosed that one insider said, “We all thought it was odd that Solange wasn’t a part of [Beyonce’s new album] Renaissance. It’s the kind of sound that’s right up Solange’s alley.”

Aside from Solange’s absence not being a part of Bey’s new project, she hasn’t sent out a single tweet or Instagram post supporting Renaissance. Also, a quick check of Solange’s IG page and Twitter shows that she’s only made reference to her own projects.

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Also, it seems Solange is yet to congratulate her sister Beyonce for her Grammy win this weekend nor has she posted anything promoting Bey’s upcoming world tour.

The insider explained, “I think it’s weird for her not to be out supporting Beyonce. Bey took a chance on her latest album [Renaissance] and she actually needed everyone to support it, to propel it to be the hit.”

The insider said that she didn’t have any first-hand evidence of a rift between the two. But she did tell Media Take Out, “I’ve heard things about their relationship. I think something is definitely going on between them.”




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