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Black Sherif – Second Sermon – Song Review

Black Sherif Second Sermon


Song Review: Black Sherif – Second Sermon. If we are to highlight some of the biggest breakthroughs of the year 2021 in the Ghanaian music industry, one name will forever remain on our lips. BLACK SHERIF is the one name that will be on everyone’s lips. The young energetic rapper seems to have come a long way to become the personal favorite of the many music lovers in the country and beyond.


After the release of his first sermon freestyle, we have all been over him and surprisingly, he teased the release of the second sermon. The anticipation was wild so its arrival came with a bang and like usual, he didn’t fail to deliver. We have summed up our review after countless listening sessions and hereby present to you, our well-detailed analysis and review of the Second sermon single by Black Sherif.


The second Sermon song is already a banger just in case you don’t know. it starts with a bang and this is a song about the everyday struggles of a hustler but trust me there’s something different about it. It is unlike the multitude of songs I’ve heard that talk about the struggles of a hustler. The personals attached to this one takes one’s relatedness to another height.

The opening verse was the best part of the song and it goes way much deeper than we can ever decipher cos behind the pen of the energetic rapper lies a million stories summarized into single bars. What we can see and interpret is or might be a quarter of what was actually been said.


First of all, Blacko had to remind us that he’s not a fan of plenty talking. It’s normal to realize that cos despite how much he’s buzzing, you barely see much of him unless it’s about his works. Blacko doesn’t come out throwing claims or rant. For someone like him, his mind is much more focused on a priority so much that he refuses to get distracted.


N***s in the trap mp3 plenty talking I swear
to God (eh aswear to God oo oh)


Blacko also gave us a perfect reflection of things he had to do to survive out there. It’s no surprise to hear about a follow back. Sometimes who you know pages up to how well you can cope in life. surrounding yourself with well-to-do people holds its own benefits. When someone you know secures the cake, you are happy for them because one way or another, you have cut to be blessed with. Blacko represented this whole scenario with a couple of bars to reflect how he sometimes secured his bread which is depending on the big dons known here as chairman.


Transaction no dam sika b3y3 sei chairman atia block no so
Nti Ya Pulli up w) ne h) (Ne fie)
Y3 ne Killa Boys b3y3 12 (Ahaa)
Yafr3 no s3 y3w) front
Efie nanim h) naa si bra fom (Yegyina ha)


Blacko also reminds us of his family and the people he left behind in his pursuit for greener pastures and how much he wants them to be able to count on him. He opened up about how his people back at home don’t know a dime about the life he’s living to secure that bread and how he chooses to keep his ways of life to himself cos he doesn’t want to stress anybody especially his grandmother Auntie Merie.


This is something a lot of us can deeply relate to. Sometimes we leave home to make it out but we feel so shy or perhaps insecure to open up about how we even making a living cos some stories are so disheartening. He also reminded us that no one set him up on the path he is walking cos it was his own choice and not out of peer pressure or any sort of manipulation. With this, he’s well aware of whatever he does and he isn’t living his life blindly. Most of us can say the same for ourselves but most of us can’t. many are walking the paths others paved for them and the end always withers because of foresight whiles others are well aware of what they are doing cos they know what they want.

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Aunty Merie nnim s3 this be the life adey live for here (Accra)
Things asee with my eyes s3 meka kyer3 m’abrewa na she go stress o
So I Keep it all to myself (Menkoaa)
Obiaara ansoma gangsta y3 3y3 meaa me choice 3y3 firm (Standtall)
nti nea meey3 biaa I’m aware (Ahaa)


The most emotional part of the entire song follows up as Blacko pays homage to Mariam. Persoally we don’t know who she is but we may consider her someone special to Blacko. He calls for silence as he gives her the warm rest in peace vocals. Whiles requesting for her soulto rest well he also requested she rests on the right handside of God. Blacko swore to her he will meet her up there one day which is heaven so he can tell her his story but at the same time doubts he will ever make it there because of the path he’s chosen. He reflects that ever since sge left him, hes been doing some bad things far from what he was ever taught but also hopes she say something to the lord on his behalf because this is the only way he can survive.


Blacko sees the wrong in the things he do ad he also sees the bad in the things he does but he’s made an understanding with himself he just can’t bottle his way of life cos it will further bring him more pains and trouble and pleads with everyone to love him just the way he is even if he will be judged a thousabd times.


Silence for a minute
Rest In Peace to Sister Mariam eh (RIP)
Nyame mma y3n Aljanna
Y3b3hyia wo soro h) one day
Then i go tell you my story


S3 wogyaa y3 h) no, mesaa b3hy3 Nkran b3
trappi (Trapping nkoaa)
I’m doing so many bad things
But Sika nti men mind hwee
Mennim paa wow) heaven nti yaa kabi ma me o
Cause i really lose my way
3nny3 sei na y3kyer33 me o
Nso manny3 so saa aa
Ebi aa na As3m aba
Ebi aa na As3m aba
Nti mo nfa me saa o


The rest is followed by his hook. ver catchy yet deep.
Na Kwaku Frimpong de Asem b3ba o!
(Asem b3ba o Asem B3ba)
Killa man de Asem B3ba o!
(Asem b3ba o Asem B3ba)
Na Kwaku Frimpong de Asem b3ba o!
(Asem b3ba o Asem B3ba)
Killa Blacko de Asem B3ba o!


The second verse wasn’t much like the first but it came with’s own importance to back a story well told. There isn’t much to decipher from it but one memorable line that catches our attention the most is the homage to another brother. Though we can’t comfirm as we don’t know about him but either way it was very touching and warming.


Sad boys in the house (yaba)
Wonka y3ho bi aa bounce (ko fie)
Yannto mo nkra unannounce (hw3)
Out of the blue yaba it’s loud (S3 mo suro)
Nt3m paa na ya roll it tight (mmm)
Cause ewiase y3 fake (na y33 shishi)
I dey love to think you wanna fly (ah)
Nti ade3 bi no mewo no dwe (Bebreee)
Word to Ryde bra fie (Bra fie o)
Bra fie na y33twen wo oo (amnesia)
Marijuana bebree beyi (Ya strappi ahh o)
Yenkoaa y3ntumi ns3e no o
Word to Ryde bra fie (Bra fie o)
Bra fie na y33twen wo oo (amnesia)
Marijuana bebree beyi (Ya strappi ahh o)
Yenkoaa y3ntumi ns3e no o


fan Assessment
This guy represents the streets; the ones on the edge, those that society has trampled upon and forgotten about, the ones cheated by people with power because they are vulnerable and cannot fight back without forgetting those who have bottled up a lot of pain because of poverty and lack of access to opportunity… You can see in his eyes that he has been through pain but he has been wise enough to use it as energy …His lyrics tell the story of deprived folks who are forced by the system to be bad to survive but inherently are good people. May God bless every struggling guy’s hustle. Peace!

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