Captain of the special corps.

Chapter Twenty one.

“Police Captain Old Guy? He’s our new member?” Vee asked.

“Obviously you dweeb.”Smoke said as he hit him on the head with a chop.

“Nice hideout. Where can I sleep?” Old Guy asked.

“Huh? You’re here to help Old man. Not lazy about.” Chris said.

“And why did you ask him to help us?” Vee asked.

“Special corps Salamander. Remember them? This Old man was Crazy salamander.” Angel said.

“What?” Vee, Smoke and Alicia were all suprised.

“Crazy salamander? No way. Founder of salamander special corps? Thought he had retired? Grew cold feet or something.” Vee asked.

“You believe everything you hear don’t you? I guess you don’t know Chris was one of us. Well,” Old Guy said as he sat down in front of the screens. “That’s all in the past now.”

“Chris?” Vee, Alicia and Smoke were suprised yet again.

“I think I might die from shock now.” Vee said.

“Did you have to tell them about me, you Old Geezer?”

“She didn’t have to expose me too, you little goofball.”

“Languages please.” Angel said.

“In situations like this, we infiltrate and rescue. But in this case, infiltration is almost impossible. You realise I said almost, right. That’s because you have Slimy Salamander Chris on your team.We’ll observe the library closely for two days. If there’s no move we’ll start our infiltration. So now, where are the beds?”


“Anything new guys? Leave the old man be.” Angel said.





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