Clash at the tunnel entrance.

Chapter Twenty Nine

“Three guys. Facial recognition is verifying their identities. Opposite the tunnel. One is right behind us. Four in total .” Angel said through the comm. device
“Okay guys we can do this only two ways. My way, or the hard way. Your choice.” Chris said.

“And what’s your way?” Vee asked.
“The hard way.” Chris replied as he broke into laughter.” The smart choice is to lure them in, and take care of them. But there might be others waiting on the inside. So I suggest we go up against them outside the tunnel. If there’s others, there’s a chance they’ll come rushing out to help.”
“But then it’ll alert them of our presence.” Smoke said.
“That’s why it’s called the hard way. We go in with a bang. And confuse their forces.” Vee said as he took his rifle.

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“Lets move out. Since we ain’t in uniform, it won’t be pleasant for the public to see your rifle. So we go in first. You and I. Leaving those on the outside to this two.” Old Guy said.
Chris pushed the door of the van open and stepped out, with smoke following behind. First two men were sitted behind a table infront of a bar. Third guy was infront of a butcher’s shop. Last guy was further away. Infront of a fruit stall. Chris moved to those further from the scene. Leaving those closer to smoke.
Hey mate.” Chris said.
The guy tried to pull out a pistol but Chris knocked him out even before his hand get close enough. He quickly pretended to be helping him. The guy closest to them rushed over.

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“Step away from him.” He said, while swinging a dagger.
He dropped the first guy. Took a step back and readied himself for another attack.
The guy swung the dagger again. With better aim this time. Chris side stepped, caught his attacker by the wrist. Held the back of his neck and pushed him face first to the ground. Still holding his wrist, he dislocated his elbow and kicked him the groin. He carefully carried both to the van and push them in. At the same moment, Smoke appeared with the other two.


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