Deadend and Exit

Chapter eight

The clowns were transported in separate vans to the precinct. There were more than enough vehicles to convey them all.
Alessia, the negotiator for this particular case, saw little or no hope even though she hadn’t got the chance to play her cards yet.
“Killing a cop, that’s a bold first step.” She thought to her self.” I’ve got the feeling this is not one of those hostage takers who’d ask for a chopper or get away vehicle. Their demands will be very precise and costly. Money? Could money be their reason? That’d make sense, taking kids of high profile people in the country hostage. You’d surely be able to make a lot but also the trouble. Then again, this must be a well cooked plan. Having the missing marksman as  proof. Damn. Money is the only motivation I can see here. But. It also feels wrong.” Alessia is well known as a thinker. Her mind works very much like a ticking time bomb. Tick tock, tick tock, then boom.

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“Sir, “the teams following the trails of the marksman called. ” Its a dead end sir. All three ropes were a diversion.”
“Damn”. Old Guy said. “Double back and keep you’re eyes wide.”

Old Guy had no wish of leaving his post , but he knew that sooner than later, even if he cracked the case half way through,he’d be replaced by the army or a secret organisation. And even though it passed him off very much, he had no plans on staying to be bossed around by other people.
“Lieutenant Smith,” Old guy called. “You’re in total control.” Immediately he said those words, several trucks and a tank came to the scene.  Wasting not even a second, he slipped into the crowd nearby and disappeared.
The young lieutenant was dumbfounded yet relieved. He knew his reign was over.
“That sly fox.” He thought and couldn’t help but chuckle


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