Dear Men, if a Girl Asks You These 4 Questions, Then She is in Love With You

Dating the wrong girl doesn’t mean that none of them are good, it just means that only a few girls are in a relationship because they really love the man they’re in the relationship with. They are very rare to find.


Falling in love with a girl is different from falling in love with the right person. Most girls are only dating you because they want to take advantage of you.


Some people may decide to ask questions to show they like you, hoping you didn’t understand what they are trying to say. So if a girl asks you any of these 4 questions below, then she really loves you.

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However, you should know that most girls won’t tell you that she loves you directly, she can only tell you indirectly.


1. When a girl asks you this kind of question like “What is your kind of woman” then she really cares about you.

A normal girl won’t ask these kinds of questions, so it doesn’t look like she’s trying to get details about you. So the only kind of girl who can ask you is a girl who loves you.

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2. When a girl asks you a question like “do you have a girlfriend?” Then she has already started to develop for you.


She would be curious to know the state of your relationship. The main reason she would ask this question is because she can find out if she can convince you or if you are caught. So you need to take note of it.


3. Finally, a girl who loves you and who wants to be in a relationship with you will always ask you about your future plans.

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She would ask you how many children you want to give birth to, your future ambition, the age at which you want to get married and so on.


4. The fact is that if a lady really loves you she will always ask after your relatives. She would be eager to know much about your family. She’d like to ask how many kids you desire to have, and what your future plans are.

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