First confrontation in the tunnel.

Chapter Thirty

Splitting up proved to be a good choice. There were five guys at the tunnel entrance. With his godlike precision, Vee shot all of them even before they knew they were under attack. Shoulder and knee was his target for this operation. He had to make sure none was dead. They bundled them up with duct tape as they waited for Smoke and Chris.
“How many of you are there?” Old Guy asked one of them.

He refused to talk. Old Guy slightly touched his bullet wound whiles covering his mouth.
He let out a shout. But it reached no where. The sound was muffled.
“How many of you are there?” Old Guy asked one more time.
Still no response. This time, Old Guy pressed harder. The man was obviously in a lot of pain but he refused to talk.
“That’s enough. He won’t say anything.” Chris said after entering the tunnel. “They’re professionals. Knock them unconscious. We’ve got ways to go.”

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They moved in total silence but at  great speed. Making sure to cover a lot of ground without being noticed. And it was due to this that they didn’t notice the motion sensors placed in the tunnel.

“Stop.” Chris said after noticing them.” Sensors. We might be in trouble . ”
“Does that mean we slow down?” Vee asked.
“The opposite actually. We’ll move faster and since they’re most likely expecting us, they’ll be ready with guns. So we’ll also go in fully prepared. Remember, don’t shoot to kill.”
“Let’s get going.” Old Guy said.
They resumed their infiltration. At a greater speed they proceeded with care.
Bang. Bang.
Shots rang through the tunnel.
They continued advancing. Whoever was firing at them only knew they were coming . Not their location.
“A camera.” Old Guy pointed up ahead.
Chris quickly broke it with one of his flying kicks. Luckily it was facing the other direction. Their movements slowed down a bit. They didn’t want to be spotted by any cameras.
“Identities found. All these men are men of the army. Thread carefully” Angel said after facial recognition confirmed their identities.

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“I’m going back to the truck. There’s something I think we overlooked. I leave the rest to you.” Old Guy said.
“No way.” Vee said.
“Allow him to. He’s not the type to run from a battle. He must have a good reason.” Chris said.” We’ll meet you on the outside. Go.”
“Quit acting like you know me.” Old Guy said as he left the group to proceed.


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