In the Nexo HODL challenge, assuming you hold $5k or more in your investment account for 90 days you’ll procure up to $1500 in free crypto, and premium.

This is one of the most incredible free crypto advancements of 2022 we’ve seen up until this point, and comes in two phases:

1. Purchase Crypto or Top Up Your Nexo Balance
Between March seventeenth and April seventeenth, to participate you really want to purchase between $5k – $100k on the stage in one of these cryptos:

Torrential slide (AVAX)
Binance Coin (BNB)
Cardano (ADA)
Polkadot (DOT)
Polygon (MATIC)
Solana (SOL)
Or on the other hand top up your Nexo balance (by sending digital currency to yourself on Nexo from a wallet or trade) with one of these four cryptos – ADA, BNB, DOT, MATIC.

We suggest getting one of those four on another crypto trade assuming that you pick one of those, for lower expenses.

2. HODL for Free Crypto
Then from April seventeenth – July seventeenth, 90 days, simply hold and don’t sell. Get done with at minimum a similar measure of the cryptos you began with, or higher (you are permitted to pull out the interest Nexo pays).

In the event that you purchased or sent yourself the accompanying sums, this is how much free crypto you’ll acquire:

$5000 – procure $150 in NEXO
$10,000 – procure $250 in NEXO
$25,000 – procure $600 in NEXO
$100,000 – procure $1,500 in NEXO
The free crypto you earnt as NEXO tokens can then be traded for some other crypto or changed out as government issued money.

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NEXO is the local coin of the Nexo stage and has been in a bullish upturn, so could merit holding as a venture. It likewise permits you to open higher financing costs on Nexo. However, you are allowed to sell it whenever.

Nexo Interest Rates while Holding
While you’re partaking in the test, you’ll likewise procure the accompanying yearly financing costs (APR) contingent upon the crypto you pick. These are market-driving, higher than BlockFi.

AVAX – 12%
BNB – 8%
ADA – 8%
LUNA – 8%
Speck – 15%
MATIC – 16%
SOL – 8%
The ideal course could be to pick MATIC or DOT, get it from a crypto trade you additionally have a record on, then send it to yourself on Nexo.

New clients that join Nexo by means of the connections on this site additionally can procure a reference reward of $25 in Bitcoin.

Sadly Nexo isn’t accessible in the US, yet you can procure free crypto interest on in the United States.

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