Game start

Chapter seven.

On a board was drawn a bird’s eye view of the library and its surroundings. All five people in the warehouse stood before the board putting their heads together.
Angel, a well trained agent. With a lot of other agents right under her. Her stronghold, intelligence. She fit in with every team because of her superior thinking and analysing capabilities. She is well versed in martial arts also but barely has to use it even though she trains constantly.
Angel works for Dark Force. A secret security agency which helps deal with huge threats to their island. She is ranked second in command in the organisation.

Agent Vee. The mountain of a man. He specialises in firearms. Every single one. Less than an hour is enough to get him acquainted with any firearm after seeing it for the first time. He grew up in a war zone, outside the island. His expertise has helped saved both his life and the life of many others. He works tirelessly and a little secret, has a massive crush on Angel. Shush.

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Agent Smoke. Right hand man of Angel. Everything close combat, is interesting to him. Only a few are on par with him since he has studied to perfection kung fu, Muay Thai, Capoeira and even MMA. He is considered the best close combatant in the Dark Force.

Agent Alicia. A tech wiz. Also known for her sweet tooth. Alicia has been behind a computer since when she could walk. Her father who is also a great tech wiz, taught her all of her basics. She says very little and even spouts a load of  crap when she finally talks. She’s also very shy. Has no field experience and is very shy.

Chris as we all know is a police officer. Or was. Well endowed in close combat knowledge. Chris didn’t pick up as much martial arts as Agent Smoke but he is way better and stronger than the latter. Chris is also pretty observant. Calm and level headed. A little bit too cautious, and a show off.

All this wonderful people were gathered infront of a board trying to make sense of all they know, which wasn’t much. With the information they had managed to obtain by hacking into the police system and what was shared on television, they tried to form a hypothesis. But even the smartest of minds need data in order to process information.
“ATM cam.” Angel said.” Try to see if it caught anything.


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