Gentle Reminder. Next move analysed.

Chapter Twenty

None of the hairstyles match. He must have changed his hair style.”Maxwell said. ” Out of the twelve, five stand out. And out of the five one is definitely not capable of such a crime. And more over, he’s away from the island right now . So then, keep your focus on this four.  Watch their every move. Before and after this moment. You are not allowed the liberty of blinking for even a second. ”
Maxwell personally wished this  had nothing to do with the army. Terrorists . Yeah. They must be Terrorists trying to stir up trouble in the army. He knew this was just wishful thinking, but he knew he’d cling to it.

“The layout of this building is simple, but from the blueprints, it’s evident that sneaking in is impossible. The fact that there’s only one entrance puts us at both an advantage and a disadvantage. We might be able to overpower the hostage taker, but it will surely end up being a blood bath. A total massacre actually. The children will be used as sheild, making our move absolutely stupid. ” A soldier from the counterintelligence team briefed Co. Maxwell.
” What’s our best move then?” He asked.
“Wait for a loophole, finding and knowing the culprits won’t even make our case any better. It would rather complicate things. If we can manage to somehow cause panic to the hostage taker and make him or her make a few mistakes. We might stand a chance.”
“You mean, you only came here to tell me we need to continue sitting on our asses like we’re already doing?” Co. Maxwell asked.
” Yes sir.”
“Okay. Your points are valid. You’ve been heard loud and clear.”

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Co. Maxwell knew all of these. But having someone point it all out to him again was enough to make him want to go home. There hasn’t been a break in the case yet.
Day two was also being a waste.

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