Headway at last

Chapter Eighteen.

Facial recognition found James. In a brown pickup. Nissan precisely sir.”
“Eastern Highway.”
” Have you checked the plate number for any leads? We did sir. It was a dead end. No sightings before then and only once after.”
“Was his face the other one recognised?”
Just as Commander Maxwell was asking, he was interrupted.

” Debbie sir, daughter of the president. Same vehicle same time. And a man in army tank top with brown hair. Face unknown.”
“Checking all traffic routes to see if we can trace the vehicle.”
“Don’t waste your time. It’s most likely a dead end. Our hostage takers are smart and if their of the army then, their really talented. Pull out the images of all out brown haired comrades. Lets see if we’ll find our man.” Maxwell said.
“The voice sir, it was the voice of a woman. After much analysis, she should be in her mid thirties. And she has an authoritarian ring to it. She must be someone of importance or very good training. ”
“A woman pulling the strings? Damn thats twisted.” Com. Maxwell thought.
“Any more leads?” he asked.

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“Sir, the data on all brown haired men of the army available.”
“Good . Print out their images and details one after the other and bring all to me.” Maxwell was burning inside.
“And try to narrow it down to those who might have connections with powerful ladies, most likely soldiers as well.” He added.
“Could this be money related? Or a test of strength? Was the hostage taker a fellow service man? Or a common terrorist, toying with our minds?” Commander was in a state of constant thinking.

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cartoon guy under question mark – 3d illustration

After a few minutes, the images of all the brown haired guys in the army were brought to him. Only twelve had connections to powerful ladies. He focused on those twelve.


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