Hostage taker’s request

Chapter Sixteen

Day two was already here. The night was very uneventful. Even though no one actually slept, they were all filled with a lot of energy. The case had a lot of the men on edge.

It’s been too long and yet,there’s nothing to fight back with. Counter intelligence are clearly doing their best to see through the plan of the hostage taker. Damn it, damn it all. We’ve been played and we can’t even play back.

“Hello, Commander Maxwell.” The voice that spoke from the library said.” This is a report on my hostages. Twelve male, seven females. Five very popular kids, the rest however are what you’d consider as random children. James, Georgia, Jessica, Alexander and Debbie. We’ll, that’s the prominent ones.”
“The voice, the choice of words. Look into it.” Maxwell said to an IT guy passing.
“I guess you have no interest in the names of the others. Well nevermind. I understand.” The hostage taker said with sacarsm.” I have two little demands.”

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“Finally.” Commander Maxwell said underbreath
” Smile. That’s my first demand. Secondly, I’d really like a. Hahahahaha just kidding. I guess your smile was all I wanted. Smile please.”
Commander Maxwell was disappointed. He couldn’t help but smile.
“Yeah that’s it . A very nice smile. You’re real pretty Commander. Just wanted you to know. Okay bye bye. ”
“Hmmph. Real funny.” Commander Maxwell said as he went into a tent. He needed to get away.
“Anything?” He asked the technical team.
“Nothing sir.”



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