Hostages released, More trouble for the army.

Chapter Twenty Four

Cut the water supply.” The minister also said. “If they won’t come out, we’ll drive them out.”
“Sir, electricity supply had already been cut off. The hostages will also need water to survive.” Maxwell said.
“Silence, and do as I say.”

“It’s hot in here and I’m trying really hard to focus on my book. Could you kindly provide me with electricity? I’m on  my knees.” The voice from the library said.
“No response? Okay okay, I give up. I’ll send four kids out. I think it’ll reduce the heat a little. Phew. I’m burning. Hahahaha.” The voice continued.

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The front door opened. Two kids came out. Two followed.  The door was shut immediately after. The kids started to run towards the crowd.
“Halt.” Commander Maxwell said.
They kept running.
“Halt.” Maxwell said.
Officers raised their gun and took aim at the kids.
Everyone froze. The crowd and the kids.
“Lower your weapons.” an angry Commander Maxwell shouted. ” Raise your shirts and slowly turn around.” He said this time to the four kids.
The kids complied.
There was nothing on them. No wires and no bomb.

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“Where’s my kid?” The minister said in anger.
Did they raise they’re guns at the kids?
Look at how terrified they are. They’re even scared of the army than of the hostage taker. Look at their expressions.

Tax payer’s money is all they know how to feed on. They’re useless.

I thought they were supposed to be our symbol of hope. What happened to them?

The crowd was infuriated at the military.
Despicable means. That’s how they described the methods of the army.


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