As we all know, keeping to time when we have appointments is always a challenge, either at work, lectures, or meeting with friends and others.  

In Nigeria, it is very common to do theAfrica Man Time thing where we catch-up appointments an hour or two after the actual time. 

In this Article, I’ll share some helpful tips on how you get things done and set for your appointments as early as possible.

Below are 5 important tips that would help you meet up appointments on time;

1. Analyze Your Plans

In order to meet up with appointments on time, you need to first analyze your plans. The plans had to be the important things you need to put in place before you finally leave the house. List them out, analyze them and work towards them.

2. Set Alarms 

Personally, alarms are a very helpful when trying to keep up to time on occasions. As we all know, it serves as a quick reminder and helps to keep you intact.

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3. Follow Up Your Plans 

In this step, you ought to follow all the laid down steps, including the activities you need to put up before leaving the house.

4. Avoid Using African-Man Time 

This is the very stage where you’ll find every Nigerians catching up with appointment an hour or two later. It is very common in this part of the world. Avoid using African man time today and you’ll catch-up early with appointments.

5. Keep Out Distractive Elements

In this stage, you keep away anything that would distract you from doing the necessary things that will get you ready for your appointments. Keep out your phones, Laptops, Play stations, and stay away from your TV.

In conclusion, focus on your plans, analyze them, set alarms, follow up with your plans and don’t use African man time and you won’t go late on appointments again.

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