I need help – Nigerian artist Omah Lay reveals battle with addiction

So many people have been battling one addiction or the other. So many people are battling the addiction of drugs, masturbation, womanizing, and other wayward lifestyles.

Omah Lay on his Twitter page disclosed that he is also battling his own addiction and needs help. This disclosure from Omah Lay comes after a fan asked him to advise his fellow fans on how to deal with the addiction to drugs. He also asked Omah Lay to share some tips on how he overcame his drug addiction.

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The fan tweeted, “Your advice for young lads dealing with drugs and how did you overcome your own addiction @Omah_Lay”.

In response, Omah Lay disclosed that he is still battling with a particular addiction even though he did not reveal the addiction he’s battling. He stated that only three people know what he is currently battling.

“He retweeted saying, “I’m still dealing with mine lol, and only about 3 people on earth know what it is. I need help too”.

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