“I want to see my brother”

Chapter Twenty six

“Only one?” Maxwell asked.
“Did he say there was only one hostage taker in there?” Another soldier asked.
“A single woman?” Thr minister said. Getting madder by the minute.

Yes. She had blonde hair. Should be in her thirties. She’s strong too, but she took good care of each one of us.” The kid said.
“Why did she let you go?” Maxwell asked.
“She said it was getting hot. But you see, it wasn’t. She has a generator in the basement. With a lot of fuel. “

“What? That means she let you go because she wanted to.” An officer asked again.
“She promised to let all of us out. But we were afraid mostly when she went to see the big kids. Whenever she went there, we would hear screams. It made us terrified. Then we kept hearing sounds similar to pounding or hammering. The sound wasn’t always there. But when it starts, it stops after a long time. And then also we started to smell blood.” The kid started sobbing.


“Take him away. All  their stories add up.” Maxwell said.” One hostage taker in there. A few accomplices on the outside. They seem to be digging. Tell all units to keep their eyes and ears open. Vigilance is of utmost importance.”

“Sir, there’s a lady here trying to cross the tape. Says her brother was one of those released.” A voice said over the radio.
“Bring her in.” Maxwell said.
Within a a fee minutes, a young lady of about twenty came rushing into the tent.

“Where’s he? Where’s my brother? John, John,  John? What have you done with him? Give me back my brother. He’s all our momma’s got.”  She kept saying as she moved around in an attempt to find her kid bro.
“Calm down lady. Your brother is okay.” Maxwell said
“I wont believe until I see him. You were the same bastards who aimed your weapons at him earlier. The poor boy. How he must have been scared. Take me to my brother. Please. I’m pleading.”

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She broke into tears as she sat on the floor. A quick glance and you’d know she had been crying for a long time. She was pleading to see her brother. She was relieved to hear he was alive and out of harms way.

She called him. Several times. He didn’t pick up. She was scared. She thought he had gone missing or was killed. Until she heard of the library jacking. Her brother always loved reading. She knew he was in there. But she couldn’t help to bring herself to the scene. She knew she’d want to force her way in. She was scared to death. Then she saw him. On the screen.  Running from the library. Then guns were raised at them. Her heart skipped a beat. She let out a yell without realising, hopped into a vehicle the next instant and rushed to the scene.

“Please  let me see my brother.” She continued saying amidst sobs.


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