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Is your phone slowing down? here’s how to speed up your smartphone

We just can’t imagine a day without our smartphones. From calling, surfing the internet to ordering food online, our smartphone has become our mini virtual friend. But with excessive usage and all the downloading, phones often get slow and sometimes hang. So, if you are also facing similar issues and want to boost the power of your smartphone, here are some tips that will help speed up your device and boost its performance.

Delete phone cache data

Everything you do in your phone gets stored and builds up as a cache in the RAM. For instance, if you open a website, your phone will save certain data so that next time the url loads faster. This sometimes takes up a lot of space in the phone that is not visible in the gallery. So, all you need to do is clear the cache or junk files. To clear cache data in your phone: go to settings > Storage > cache > select the clear the cache option > confirm.This method will clear up some RAM and boost the phone’s speed.

Delete bloatware and unused apps

We often download apps for ordering food online, editing photos and to do a lot more. Well, having unwanted apps on your phone can slow down your device. It is better to delete them to boost the phone’s speed. If you are not able to uninstall the app then simply disable it, to do so – go to settings > apps and programs >Open the app you want to disable> click the disable option and confirm.

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Update to the latest software

Be it Android or iOS, companies regularly release updates for the operating systems to work better and remove any bugs. However, if you haven’t updated your phone with the latest released software, then this might be a reason that your phone is slow. Just connect your phone with WiFi, go to settings> open about phone or system updates> search for updates and start the installation process.

Use Liter edition apps

If you are using an old or a low-end phone, then bigger-sized apps can impact the storage and also performance. All you need to do is install the lighter version of these apps. Facebook light, Instagram light, and Google Go are some lighter versions of the apps you use on a daily basis. These apps will take less memory and are also easy to use. You can simply head to the app store and install the apps.

Turn off or reduce animations

Reducing animations is another way to speed up your phone. You can enable this by turning on Developer Options on your device. Simply, go to settings > about phone> tap the build number seven times. This process will enable the developer option on your device. Now, you will be able to disable or reduce the animations. You can also adjust the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale. This method will reduce the time taken by your device to render the screen’s visual effects.

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