Joe Rogan’s Top Hip-Hop Moments: Part 2

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We take a look at Joe Rogan’s most entertaining and insightful interactions with hip-hop culture as of late.

Like him or loathe him, Joe Rogan has progressed from the unassuming Fear Factor host and stand-up comedian to the face of a multi-million dollar media empire.Since launching the eponymous Joe Rogan Experience podcast in a relatively low-tech format back in December 2009, what started as convivial bantering and weed-induced philosophizing between friends has now become a space in which audiences are regaled with the thoughts of famed academics and celebrities at their most unguarded.

As the podcast’s acclaim continued to grow over the years, Joe has welcomed everyone from presidential candidates to fully-fledged pop culture icons to his studio. Along the way, he has even spent hours deep in conversation with some of hip-hop’s bonafide A-listers and underground staples alike.

Back in 2019, we compiled some of Joe’s finest hip-hop-oriented moments. Since then, there has, of course, been even more illustrious guests, several major controversies, and a Spotify deal that’s led to “fuck you money”– so it seems only fitting that we bring you a second installment of Rogan’s run-in’s with hip-hop culture, ranging from the insightful to the utterly ridiculous.

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Freddie Gibbs leaves Joe Rogan speechless

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If you’ve so much as glanced at the internet in recent years, it’s likely that you’re aware of two things about Freddie Gibbs. Number one– He’s among the most accomplished rappers in the game today. And number two– He’s a master of the one-liner and internet trolling in general.

So, when it came time for Freddie to decamp to the JRE studios in Austin, Texas alongside Roast Battle host Brian Moses, it was all but assured that hilarity would ensue. Given that Freddie will always rise to the occasion when he’s got any form of big platform, it should be of no surprise to anyone that his encounter with Rogan saw Freddie deliver one of the finest and most beguiling opening gambits in podcast history.

After he’d been uncharacteristically quiet for the first minute or two, a discussion around cocaine was enough for Freddie to spring to life by delivering a very self-incriminating anecdote from his trapping days. Discussing the superhuman powers that narcotics can give you, Freddie proclaimed that:

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“You know, this is some real shit because there’s a crackhead back in the day. I shot the n***a nine times with a TEC-9 and he kept running down the alley,”

As if that wasn’t enough, Joe Rogan’s clearly bewildered “hmm” that followed was enough to promote this moment into the ranks of the internet hall of fame. Later in the show, Freddie also delved into a subject that harbors an ongoing appeal for him in the form of the legal proceedings around R. Kelly.

Although Gangsta Gibbs maintained that he should go to jail, he referred to Kelly’s deviance as a “waste of talent” before he, Rogan and Moses proceeded to comically dissect some of Kels’ latter-day work.

Suffice to say, if any rapper was equipped to go on a podcast with a world-famous comedian and come away with the best one-liners, it’s Gibbs.



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