Lets move out.

Chapter Twenty seven.

“Angel and Alicia will stay back here. We the guys, are going in. We might get only one chance.” Old Guy looked serious all of a sudden.
“We ain’t staying here.” Angel said. “Were staying in the truck. That’s where we’ll be. In the truck. By the way I’m your driver you dumb asses.”

“No. We’re taking two vehicles. If there’s people on the outside, They’ll probably be guarding the entrance to the tunnel.” Chris said. “The first vehicle which will stop right in front of the tunnel will be ours. The other one, will stop in front of this bakery.”

“Why so?” Vee asked.
“It’s simple. If there truly is someone guarding, we might miss the person but with the ladies scanning the entire area from behind us, maybe, just maybe we will be able to spot them. And if lucky precisely tell their numbers.” Old Guy said.

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“Vee, we need them alive. Shoot them in places that won’t kill them, but will maim them.” Old Guy continued.” Chris and smoke. You’ll lead the way. With your fast reflexes and sharp eyes, it’s only natural you go in first. I’ll be in the centre. Providing backup for both sides.

“Alicia will take care of anything tech related as usual. I’ll be your eyes and ears from the outside. The mission has to be neatly executed. Our aim is to free as many hostages as possible. And if the chance is given, go after the hostage taker. That’s only if you stand a chance.”

“Will there be snacks?” Alicia asked.
“This is why I like you.” Vee said as they all started laughing.
“Yeah sure, there’ll be plenty of snacks.” Angel said.
“Let’s move out. Vee, don’t forget anything.” Smoke said.
“Angel, Chris. Go get the trucks. Meet us out front.” Old Guy said. “Let’s get going everyone. Grab your stuff. No lagging behind.”

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Angel and Chris met the rest of the team outside their hideout. They all hopped into their respective vehicles and set off.
“Thirty minutes till we reach our destination. If you’ll chicken out, you have thirty minutes to decide. Did you hear that Old man?” Chris said and they all laughed.
Old Guy laughed the hardest.


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