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Maria Menounos expecting first baby with Husband Keven Undergaro after Decade-Long journey

The TV host, Maria Menounos, 44, and her husband Keven Undergaro are expecting their first child after a decade-long journey.

The couple has been trying hard to have a child for many years after they tied the knot. The expecting mother expressed their excitement in an interview with People news blog.

“Just after a decade of trying everything, we are so grateful to the beautiful family helping us conceive our baby,” the mom-to-be tells PEOPLE. “Keven, my dad, and I are all beyond excited for this soul to come into our lives. What a blessing.”

The TV host, Menounos, who worked with Family Match Consulting, also shared an emotional clip in which she watches an ultrasound video with her father, Constantinos, by her side.

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“Oh my God,” Menounos says in the video as she and her father watch. “Guys, that’s my baby. I love you.”

Another person watching the video then holds up their phone to record, where the ultrasound can be seen in the reflection.

“It’s so different when you see the reel,” she comments. “It’s more personal when you see it in the womb, right?”

“I definitely didn’t think it was going to take this long. It’s been years. We’ve used different services, different people,” said the TV host, who first began IVF treatments in 2012. “It’s just been a very frustrating process.”

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