Media Trouble

Chapter Fourteen.

Commander Maxwell had no idea what the minister hoped to accomplish wih his rash actions. Asking the entire force to evacuate the island? Sounds stupid. Keeping them for questioning really sounds like the better option.
“Well, he’s the boss.” He thought as he decided to put the happenings behind him.

” It looks almost as if the army are putting in no effort, to help rescue the hostages. There has been little issues no activities ever since they got here and there seems to be no plans of infiltration….” a reporter could be heard saying.
“Tsk.. What do they expect us to do? One wrong move and hostages will surely be wasted. Our hands are tied. All we can try doing is finding a loop hole and exploiting.” Commander Maxwell thought.
The mere thought of being unable to do anything infuriated him. Aside from the secret hunt for clues and the search for possible suspects, there’s nothing much they can do. Hearing the media say their slacking off was making him more mad.

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“The police force had put on a better show, in comparison to the pitiful job, the army are doing. Armed to the teeth men, standing around, flaunting their guns and muscles before the onlookers. Trying to look cool. The people might as well give up on their abducted children. The chances of the army ever rescuing them, is very low….” the reporter kept slandering the army.

” Focus on your duties.” The commander said.  ”  Letting those words get to you proves your strength. ”
Maxwell told his men as he did his best to calm his own nerves. The media were somehow getting to the men on the frontline. Most of them started wanting to take immediate action and storm the library with full force. The few level headed once however were trying their best to make them know the consequences of their actions.

“Do you want any of those hostages rescued?” Commander Maxwell asked the reporter after getting close enough to be heard.
“Of course I do.” He said
” One more word from you and you’ll be wondering who the bad guys are. That’s a promise.” Maxwell said and walked away.

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Tsk. That stings.


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