Minister in trouble.

Chapter Twenty Two.

Hello Dad, How are you? Its me James. Please save me. And the others.’
The minister shook in his boots. The notorious James he knew, doing something as told, for once. Who the hell is the hostage taker. And what had they done to his son.
” Remember last month, dad. You said you enjoyed spending time with me in paris? Was it true? If yes, then save me. And then we can travel abroad after that.”

“No sir. We can’t act rash. It’ll only gives whoever is in there an advantage over us.” Maxwell said to the Minister, who was trying to order the troops to infiltrate the library.

“Calm and collected wins this battle sir. One false move and we’re in deep trouble. We have to keep ourselves and pride in the eyes of the public.” Maxwell continued.

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Did he say last month? James who was supposed to be behind bars was in Paris with the Minister? Having fun?
The embodiment of justice my foot. This people think we’re in a circus. They’re with our minds like a bunch of expert clowns. Such scum. Hiding your kids in foreign countries, to prevent them from paying for their sins.

The crowd gathered at the scene were upset. They kept saying a lot of means and hateful things. The minister could barely think straight. He was concerned for his son, so much that he forgot he had mentioned the time they spent together.

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“Hold them back,” Maxwell commanded as the mob tried to cross the tape and come at the minister. The army held them back, but it got ugly when a civilian held the rifle of an officer.  Out of fear, the officer jumped back, and in so doing there was a bang. The civilian had shot himself in the leg.

Absolute silence followed.
The army acted in response. They quickly fired a couple of warning shots into the sky. The crowd was in shock. Panic began to spread. It was sometime before they regained their composure. And by then, the minister had been steered away, into one of the numerous tents.


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