Minister of Defense

Chapter Twelve

The commander was suprised at the fact that the hostage taker had been able to throw a threat at them. He smiled and moved out.
The secret agency’s lady he had just turned down crossed his mind. Had he accepted her into his ranks, he could have managed to somehow get to the hostage without using any of his own men. He could even be reckless and blame her for it.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, fast approaching the crime scene. The police were no longer in charge so there was a little confusion until the vehicle was in sight.

“Sir, the defense minister just got here.” A soldier said to the commander.
“Sir. “Commander Maxwell said as he welcomed the  minister with a salute.
”  Away with the formalities, what’s the situation.” The minister said.
“Several heat signatures have been detected, but there are people spread out in every corner of the library so we can’t go in sneaking. We’d be sighted before long.” Commander gave his report. ” we also have no idea what kind of weapons they have and lastly, the lives of the kids are at stake. Our hands are tied, Sir.”

“Round up the entire police force.” The minister ordered.
The commander requested for a police radio.
” All members of the police force should line up before the counter intelligence tent immediately.  Anyone who refuses, will be punished.” He said.
Within a few minutes, all officers were neatly lined up before the tent.
The minister stood before them, with a frown on his face.
” The sniper used belongs to your force ain’t that right?” He asked.
“Yesssir,” they said in unison
“Is it safe to say then that the police are behind this kidnapping?” The minister asked.
“Answer my question .” He yelled.
Still no response.
“You have all been labelled as a threat to the island. Unless you can prove your innocence, you will be asked to evacuate and if you don’t within the next seven  days, you will be evacuated.” The minister said.
“Huh,” most of the officers said as if it were a rehearsed chorus.

“You can’t possibly wipe off all of the members of the force sir.” Commander Maxwell said.
“I just did.” The minister replied.
He walked away from the tent,with an angry look on his face. He hoped his gamble will pay off.


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