Most men maltreat their wives because of the expensive bride price they paid – Pastor argues

Bride price is the most common practice used to validate customary marriages in Africa including Ghana.

The practice of bride price is central to marriage rites and is deeply embedded as a valued cultural norm in Ghana as it legitimizes marriages.

Bride price in Ghana is typically a contract where material items such as cattle or other animals, cowries and/ or money are paid by a prospective husband’s family to the bride’s family in exchange for the bride.

And as a result of the higher bride prices in contemporary times, “most men are refusing to marry their girlfriends”, Rev. Isaac Frimpong has observed in footage spotted by Mtnmusicgh.Com.

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According to the man of God in the video, it’s high time the family of the lady considered reducing the quantum of items so that young men can easily afford to marry the ladies they are cohabiting with.

He argues that most women in marriages don’t have a say because of the expensive nature of the bride price their husbands were made to pay, therefore, they see the women as slaves and maids in the marriage.


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