NL LIST: Biggest Arenas In The World, Sold Out By Nigerian Artistes

No doubt Nigerian artistes are the biggest thing right now, worldwide.

Below are top 10 names and capacity of arenas shutdown by Nigerian artistes in the past and recently.

The entire Top 10 is comprised of only 3 artistes, with Wizkid and Davido each taking up one spot respectively and Burna Boy taking up the remaining 8 spots.

See Below:- 

Mehn these guys are really trying for themselves and for the country at large. Some foreign artistes cannot sell out quarter of most of these arenas, but Wizkid m, Davido and Burna Boy be doing it back to back like it’s nothing.

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But then, Burna is something else. Occupied 8 spots!

Does This Mean Burna Is Bigger/Popular Than Wizkid & Davido Outside Nigeria?

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