Omah Lay Reveals What Inspired His Album Title, How He Was Discivered And His Type Of Woman

Nigerian singer, Omah Lay has opened up on the life lessons that inspired the title of his debut album, the people that discovered him and also gave an insight into his type of woman.

The “Woman” crooner held a question and answer session for his fans on Twitter during which he answered vulnerable questions from them.

One of his fans asked him the inspiration behind the title of his debut album.

In response, the singer stated that having to build his career with just him and two other people he named as Valo and Marshal made him give his album the title, “Boy Alone“.

According to him, he was able to succeed in the Industry despite no backing from any big oga in the music scene, attributing his success to him and his family.

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In his words;

Another curious fan asked the singer if he was a womanizer, but Omah neither denied nor confirmed the question, instead choosing to reveal his type of woman.

According to him, he loves girls with tattoos, nipple piercings and that smell nice.

In his words;

The singer also opened up on his personal struggle with an undisclosed addiction. He became vulnerable with his fans when a fan asked him to advise people trying to quit drugs or any addiction.

The singer revealed that he was still dealing with addiction and only three people knows about it.

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