OPINION – Business ideas that you can start on a zero, low budget

Are you looking to start a business but don’t seem to have enough money or no money at all here are a few ideas that you can look into to start a business and it to cost you much except of course your time.

1. Babysitting

All you need is your home. You can babysit kids at a reasonable price by charging parents per week or day depending on how long they need your help. You can charge R50 per day, 3 days R70 and a week R150, and on weekends you can add an extra R25 to your charges. You find parents who want to go out on weekends but don’t have anyone to leave their kids with.

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2. Washing

Offer to wash people’s clothes or blankets and charge them according to how big the basket is. You can either do house calls or wash them at your place and deliver them.

3. Recycling

Collect recyclable items such as boxes, cans, and bottles. When you have collected enough you can take them for recycling and earn yourself some good money. Just 1 kg of cans weighed is said to cost R25.

4. Help kids with homework + tutoring

Some parents work long hours and can’t afford to help their kids with homework, offer services to help kids with homework, and also tutor them.

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