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Party Hitmaker Eshun Goes Hard On The Ghana Industry Players

Good girl gone wild. The Temptation hit maker eSHUN has said in an interview with 4syte Tv that To be called a great musician one must me daring and adventurousDont call yourself a good, talk less great musician if you don’t understand versatility and art.

Musicians are like actors.
The character or role we play is dependent on the concept of the song we sing. Be it a song about love, Fun, hate, affection, friendship, pleasure, pain happiness etc, a great musician shouldn’t have a problem being able to express them all by way of singing and acting them out in their respective videos.

Asking what songs we should be expecting from the temptation hit maker eSHUN revealed that, it’s time to reach out to the youth and create music that they appreciate.
That means fans will get to see more of the sassy, sexy, daring and vibrant part of the songstress that we haven’t yet seen.

I don’t know about you but if you ask me, I will say it’s about to be lit for Ghana music, and I can’t wait to hear what’s coming up next.
The songstress added that she has a new tune coming up with the title (Apple Tree).If you give negative comments about my style of music don’t understand Showbiz…

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eSHUN has a message for people that are bashing her over the new trend of music she has been churning out lately. She answered in an interview with

when she was asked what she thinks about some of the comment people have made about the trend of music she is doing now, The Temptation hit maker said “People that complain or give negative comments about the songs I am doing now, in simple words don’t understand Who a musician is, and most importantly don’t understand what Showbiz is.

She also added that a musician must always be ready to sing and live the character of a concept of a song when it calls for it.
what people see on Tv is just an act,
very different from who the person actually is” she said

The Party Hitmaker added saying “I am just glad understand it better now and thanks to God, and my Megezets fans, who always push me to open up to new adventures and reach for the stars whiles doing what I love, there’s nothing i can’t achieve…


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