Plans to infiltrate.

Chapter Twenty Three.

This could only mean James was taken abroad to prevent his imprisonment. ” Vee said after they heard of the proceedings at the crime scene through their bugs and later on,  on the news.
“Well, I ain’t suprised. This bastards only stuff their pockets and deceive the public.” Angel replied.

“Let’s get on with it. From the voice of the kid, he doesn’t seem to be hurt or in any kind of pain. Fear though, mot too sure. But generally, he sounds like a high schooler being bullied. No biggie.” Old Guy said.
“We can wait to confirm all this after the hostage taker makes the next victim speak.” Vee said.

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“His intentions. I feel he’s trying to kill two birds with one stone. Make us know the dirty actions of the Minister and also inform us that he has no intentions of harming the kids.” Chris said.

“Something feels wrong to me though.” Angel said, appearing to be in deep thought. ” Up until now I had thought the hostage taker to be heartless. The shoot to kill type. But the kids seem to be fine. Doesn’t make sense. The guy shot a cop. He probably never met him. But he is treating kids in his custody well.”
“Don’t overthink this. He’s probably just taking things slow, waiting for an appointed time or doesn’t have the guts to hurt kids.” Old Guy said.
“Supply of electricity to the library has been cut off.” Alicia said after she heard the Minister tell the army to do so.

“The fool. He’s been provoked. If not stopped, he’s going to put the army at a disadvantage with rash actions. I hope they can stop him before its too late.” Old Guy said.

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“Where’s Chris?”
“He’s trying to find a good infiltration route. He should be done soon.” Angel said.
“He’s probably jerking off somewhere. Better go find him” Old Guy said while laughing.


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