Reaching out.

Chapter Nineteen

“Who’d you suggest we go to first? Guy or Tim?” Angel asked.
“Tim? The reporter?” Chris also asked.
“Yeah. I have a feeling we might need him later on . After all after we uncover all this , we will need to let the public know and who else to do that than a professional reporter?” Angel said.
“Good point. Let’s pay the old man a visit, then we all go to Tim. Only if that bastard Guy, agrees to help us.”

You don’t have to he so hard on the old man. Afterall he’s old. Angel replied, as they moved out.
“I’m driving.” Chris said as they walked towards the car.  ” Toss the key over.”

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The others stayed in the warehouse, looking out for people who were possible suspects among the thousands of people who visited Snake each day. From the listening device, Alicia heard the army’s hypothesis of the hostage taker being feminine. She intended to be on the lookout for ladies who might fight their description. Occasionally, someone of interest will show up on the screen and will have their names listed down.
“I think you should be sharpening your skills and tools. This might get real interesting soon enough.’ Alicia said.
Vee and Smoke looked at each other and smiled.
” Don’t worry, we’re always ready.” Vee said with a giant smile across his face. “Let’s get something to eat. I’ll prepare some rice.”

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“Well, what do you think? Now that we know boss has a hand in this matter and is most likely the master plan.  Do you think we stand a chance? ” Smoke asked.
“Don’t be silly. We’ve got Angel and that her smart ass friend. We’ll be good. I hope. ” Alicia replied. “And by the way, we don’t have time for such thoughts. We’ve got to crack this case fast. Before its too late.”
“Too late huh?” That’s all Smoke could say as he turned his focus back on the screen.


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