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Remember The Fattest Woman That Ever Gave Birth. Checkout Her Photos

A lady named Donna Simpson (born 1967) stated a “desire” to become one of the world’s heaviest women in 2008, while she was in a competition with Susanne Eman. She intended to reach a target weight of 1,000 pounds by the end of the year (450 kg). Simpson weighed 602 pounds (273 kg) as of June 2010, down from her 2008 weight of 630 pounds (290 kg) at the time of the incident. Simpson had a website where admirers could pay to see her eat in front of them. As the “heaviest woman to give birth,” she was awarded the Guinness World Records title in 2010.


Meet Donna Simpson, A New Jersey woman, who now tips the scales at 604 pounds, said it’d be a “fantasy” to gobble her way to fame and someday weigh 1,000 pounds.

Fatty individuals are adored and loved in certain cultures, while they are despised and considered a liability in others, particularly in the case of marriage.

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As a result of the extreme concealment of the genital position, scientists have demonstrated that giving birth to an obsessive person is an extremely tough solution.


It would also be difficult for physicians to extract the small innocent kid from the mother since the baby’s tummy would almost completely encircle the areas of the genital position, which might result in the infant being injured.

In spite of her enormous size and weight, it is a source of delight that Donna Simpson was able to give birth to a child.


Because such a miracle could occur in our generation, the entire globe was taken aback. The fact that her mother is overweight might lead some young people to believe that the woman herself will be overweight in the future.



Most obese women starve themselves and participate in continual walking and regular exercise, all to no avail, forgetting that this is the way God created them.