I never knew this is what rich people watch at 6 am on their smartphones.

I visited a man thrice on a construction site chasing an opportunity. During all these visits he would be on his phone in his car and I would have to knock for soo long before he respond.

Sometimes, I realize he hears me knocking but because his attention is on the phone, he delays before responding to me.

For the first day, I knocked and stepped back, it took him a lot of time before giving me his attention for a second.

The next day, I knocked but didn’t step back like the first day, then I slightly heard Jack Ma’s voice on his phone.

So the third time, he knew I was serious and he finally gave me his attention. Guys, what we discussed was about a business that might not be relevant to this post however, it was about a contract to clean the mansion after its construction.

When he stepped down from the car this time, he forgot to pause a video clip he was watching. It was an educational video from Steve Harvey. A video lesson a watched on YouTube somewhere last week.

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I was surprised the man was watching the same video I watched on YouTube because I thought rich people got it all figured out that’s Why they kept getting richer.

But that day was a great motivation for me because I realized the rich don’t have everything figured out. They also keep learning from other people to develop themselves.

I’m sharing this to motivate a fellow aspiring entrepreneur to keep learning, on this journey, if such a successful man wasn’t just playing music in his car and just having fun, then I urge us to keep learning as much as we can towards our goals.

I’m not going to share what he said after I asked him if I can become successful with what I do because I already posted such articles and the reply I got from all these rich people are just the same. I suggest you go through my post to read such articles.

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