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Soldiers Brutality At Takoradi

Soldiers Brutality At Takoradi



There has been a Military  Assault of a Burkinabè married to a Ghanaian woman with 4 Kids which happened on Friday 3rd September 2021.


In a protracted land litigation lasting over a decade between a Ghanaian and the Burkinabè who worked together for a German


The German who formerly loved the Ghanaian for his work soon realized he was dishonest and unfaithful so he switched his attention to the Burkinabè and started giving him more jobs to do… When he was about leaving Ghana, he willed his lands and other properties (including carpentry heavy duty machines) to the Burkinabè for his service to him..


The Ghanaian felt unhappy and took the matter to court claiming he deserves better after serving the man too!!


The court case lasted for 10 years and before judgement could be delivered the German was dead!

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The court ruled to favour both the Ghanaian and Burkinabè after listening to both sides of the story in Court and they all left the court satisfied..


Few months after the ruling with both parties agreeing to the TERMS OF SETTLEMENT something came up!


The Ghanaian accused the Burkinabè for threatening him with a pump action gun over this same land issue which has already been settled!


In retaliation the Ghanaian informed his military friend Army retired colonel Arnof Akambong who used the military men (about 9 of them) from 2BN magnon barracks apremdo and stormed his house in the middle of the night and assaulted the Burkinabè severely in the presence of his Ghanaian wife and four kids.

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In the process Army retired Colonel Arnof Akambong said:


“I will go to immigration and make sure they deport you back to Burkina Faso !


How can a Burkinabè get landed properties in Ghana


The next morning, the Burkinabè made a report to the Takoradi Kwasimintsim Police but nothing serious has been done about it due to the military involvement and his family are still sleeping outside without access to their home.


Why do people keep using some military personnel to assault people?


The Family are now helpless and have no one to speak in their defense..


NB: The Situation remains same!


The Family are still homeless! Traumatised and have been sleeping outside since September 3, 2021.


Together with their 4 kids!


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