State of affairs at the crime scene.

Chapter Twenty Eight

After the kids went for a medical checkup, they were all allowed to go back to their families. The families were questioned on whether the hostage taker had gotten in touch with them or not and their answers were same. They had no idea.

The rest of day two was uneventful. The library and hostage taker was quiet. The crowd eventually calmed down and somehow the Maxwell succeeded in convincing the minister that infiltration will be a bad move.

It looked very much like the army was in the palms of the hostage taker. Like puppets on a string, moving only when the strings were pulled.

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The crowd was also getting divided. Some began rooting for the hostage takers. Others thought the hostage taker was taking things too far. But nonetheless they stood together whenever they felt the need to.
Everything was messed up. The army had no other alternative but to wait. They believed they would would eventually get their chance. And when the time finally came, they would go in for a full scale invasion.

The heat signals from the library kept moving constantly. A few would disappear for a while and then reappear later. After much observation, it was realised that the hostage taker had somehow managed to make the heat signals undetectable, in certain areas of the library.

cartoon guy under question mark – 3d illustration

This was not an easy thing to do. Even the army were suprised that a single person could think so far ahead and carry a plan out to such perfection.
And the army was praying for nothing short of a miracle to help them finish off this case successfully.
A loop hole was all they needed


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