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Story time πŸ“–

Chapter 1

Entering his apartment, Chris realised there was something amiss. The television remote the curtain the doormat and the window were not as he had left them that morning. Having just lost his job after being framed, natural instincts kicked in.
The force might have taken his badge and gun, but they didn’t take his will to defend and protect himself away from him. Instinctively, he crouched into a fighting position as he moved around the house slowly and carefully.

A tap was turned on in the kitchen. Quickly he moved towards the kitchen door and peeped through the peep hole, nut saw no one, so carefully he opened the door and without giving who ever it was inside the time to react he charged blindly to the only place his mind told him the intruder was hiding. Behind the refrigerator.
A kick two swift punches and another kick but they were all brushed away. It was at this point that he saw who it was.
“Angel?” he asked, not anyone in particular.
“Angel it is,” the supposed intruder replied with some sacarsm in her voice.
“Damn, you frightened me.” Chris said.
Angel chuckled as she opened the fridge, took out a fruit juice and started to pour.
“I’m off to shower.” Chris told her as he stepped out of the kitchen.
“Whats wrong with you?” Angel asked when she saw his actions.
“Oh, nothing. I’m perfectly fine. Have never been this good. And guess what I’m free. Have never felt so free.”
“What do you mean,”
“I just lost my job.” Chris said as he left the room.
“The hell happened?”Angel asked after recovering from the shock she had gone into.
“How am I supposed to know, ” Chris replied from the bedroom.

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Angel sighed and shook her head as she left the kitchen. She sat in the couch opposite the television and turned it on.
“…. several hostages are in the salva island underground library and most of them are the kids of the most prominent people on the island, including the son of the minister of defense who is supposed to be in prison…..” a reporter was saying on the television.
“Chriissss,” Angel shouted his name.

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