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Chapter 2

‘Halt,’ Police captain Old Guy shouted.
He took a few steps forward and picked up a piece of paper from the ground, expecting it to be evidence. But…
“Any attempt to infiltrate will most likely cause the untimely death of a hostage. Stay as far back as you are right now.” Was written on the paper.
Old guy passed the piece of paper to lieutenant Smith who reads it and in turn gives it to the detectives of the force.

“Sir,”an officer called out to Captain Old Guy.” This makes no sense. Allow us to infiltrate and end this as quickly as possible.”
“Silence.” Lieutenant Smith said.
The whole place became silent, but it was only a matter of seconds before the adamant officer took bold strides towards the main entrance of the library.
One step. Two steps. Three steps. Bang,bang..
The once energetic young police officer had become a lifeless body. Two rapids shots to the head.
“Alpha,Bravo and Charlie Snipers, locate the marksman.” Old guy barked into his radio.
“Located sir,” Alpha sniper said.”Five o’clock of the library.”
“Do not lose the marksman, I repeat don’t lose the marksman”Old guy said.
“Sir,sniper is still in position but marksman no where to be found.”Alpha sniper replied once again.
“What??, set a five meter perimeter radius. We must not lose him.”
“There’s a huge number of people in the area sir, there’s not even the slightest chance of sighting the sniper amidst them.”
Captain Old Guy trusted the judgement of his comrades. He trained and handpicked them so he knew better than to doubt them.
“Damn” Old Guy said to himself as he turned around and went towards the police van.” Screw this.”


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