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Story time ๐Ÿ“–

Chapter 3

Angel was a better driver so her car was the obvious choice, as Chris insisted they hurry. The fifteen minutes drive was cut down to eight and the moment the bar was in sight, Chris jumped out the car and went running in at top speed.
Unfortunately, the suspect was no where in sight. Chris was broken hearted. He intuition has always been right, well except for the one time when he thought two of his teachers who were actually siblings were in a relationship. How embarrassing it was when he found out how wrong he was.
That one time aside, he was always spot on, dead right, correct, precise. Howsoever way you may want to put it.

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Walking out the bar, he met Angel and the look on his face was enough to inform.
‘Why don’t we do private investigations?’ Angel proposed..
‘Well, I don’t know .’ Chris replied.
‘Cut the crap,’ Angel yelled at him.’ We both know how badly you want to do this.’
‘Okay, okay. Once you’ll help, I’m down for it.’
Angel laughed as she slapped him at the back of his head and said.’ Let’s go punk. I’ll make you squadron leader. Hahaha.’
She pulled out her cellphone,placed a call or two and then went back into the car. Beckoning Chris to follow.

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After thirty minutes of driving, they got to a warehouse. Angel honked and the doors opened automatically. Chris was stunned. One look at the place and you’d consider it a dumb. However, the inside was on whole different level.


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