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Story time πŸ“–

Chapter Four.

A huge crowd was gathered in front of the bank. Salva rural Bank. The bank so happens to be on the five o’clock of the library. A commotion, no, clowns were passing. Making all sort of crazy noises.
“That’s their exit.” Old guy said.” Seize them. Every last one of them.”
He was praying very much that one of them will be the disguised marksman.
A huge number of officers moved in sync as they surrounded and brought the actions of the clowns to an end. One by one they were taken in. Into separate tents, there happened to be thirty five of them.

On the front lines , the body was being bagged. There was fear written on the faces of the officers still standing. They had thought this to be a simple case of kidnapping. But.
A line has been crossed.
A person lay lifeless on the ground.
Hearts were finally racing.
Excitement was in the air.
It was obvious at this point that the army will most definitely come pouring in any time soon. The journalists also. Pouring in from all over. Trying their hardest to record from all angles. Cameras. Everywhere.

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” Counter intelligence and interrogation teams, we need answers. This is a tiny window of hope. We shouldn’t let it escape us.” Old guy was on the verge of snapping. And when he snaps, things happen. Good and Bad. Mostly bad.
“Send the negotiator forward. Let’s hear what the damn bastards have to…”
“Sir” Alpha sniper called through his radio.
” Come in.” Old guy said
“The sniper, it belongs to the force.”
“The heck?”
“The serial number sir, it falls under the latest batch of guns we received.”

  1. “A mole? An inside job?” Old Guy considered.
    ” Give me a record of all who entered the armoury within the past ten days .” Captain Old Tim was getting really riled up. Nothing makes him happier than a challenge.

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